Business Development

    • Create a market entry strategy and business plan aimed at maximizing return on investment for the specific products or services under consideration in a given market, on the bases of the general political and economic environments, the idiosyncrasies of the marketplace, the specific market opportunities, and the competitive scenario.
    • Aggressively work on identifying and/or creating specific business opportunities for our clients by leveraging our extensive network of contacts. As part of the process, we establish direct relationships between executives from our client companies and decision makers at target customer accounts.
    • Actively market the services and solutions of our client at the target account, with a tops-down and bottoms-up dual approach, conveying to engineers and top management at the target account the suitability and uniqueness of our client’s solutions in addressing their needs. We seek two specific goals at this crucial stage: reflect our client’s feature set in RFPs (Requests for Proposals) and have upper decision makers be positively inclined to the selection of our client as supplier.
    • Identify the ideal partner(s) (distributor, reseller, VAR) for our client for the specific market opportunity being developed. LOTIER´s view on this crucial task, to be performed after the customer is sold on our client´s solutions, is that the ideal partner is the partner that is favored by the customer, and not necessarily one we favor or our client does a priori. Once the ideal partner(s) for the specific opportunity has been identified, LOTIER will assist its client in establishing the partnership that offers the most favorable terms.

Product Management

    • Research specifications relevant to the local market. Study current and future technical and market trends and requirements that could affect the company’s products and services, and make product recommendations to address them to the Client´s Product Management department.
    • Develop marketing presentations specifically focused on a specific target account, demonstrating to prospect customers how the deployment of our clients´ solution, focusing specifically on our client’s unique feature set, maximizes their ROI and minimizes their time to breakeven in the context of their specific project.
    • Perform detailed work with engineering and technical departments of potential customers to steer standards, specifications, and RFQs (bids) to our clients’ solutions.
    • Represent the client in local technical standardization bodies and regulators, and assist in the homologation/type approval of products in the local market.
    • Deliver training in local language to company’s distributors, resellers or customers.
    • Identify relevant events (talks, conferences, exhibitions), and recommend the ones that are most appropriate to reach and impact the target market sectors.


    Logistic, Legal and Administrative

    • Provide advice on commercial operations, transfers of funds, import/export regulations and operations or other peculiar economic and regulatory conditions.
    • Research and compare import vs. local assembly alternatives to minimize taxation and increase competitiveness. In the case of local assembly, we will work with our client to identify assembly partners and start operations.
    • Assist in identifying and liaising locally with legal counsel for drafting contracts and agreements, setting up local operations, patent and brand registrations, etc.
    • Assist our client and its local partner(s) to generate all the documentation required to participate in public bids, when applicable.
    • Assist in translation of documents to/from local language.

Our Methodology